Wood engraving is an activity that has many uses. In addition to artistic interest, it allows for markings on various wooden supports. Achieving the desired result for this purpose requires having adequate, reliable but also practical equipment.

Many hand tools allow you to make markings on the wood. This is particularly the case with the chisel. It is also possible to achieve the desired result by working the wood by means of heat.

In addition to manual tools, the use of automated equipment also makes it possible to engrave on wood. Faster and much more reliable, this type of material achieves great performance in wood engraving.

Wood engraving equipment: hand tools:

The engraving chisel:

The basic tool for making a woodcut is the chisel. Manual, it is characterized by rather a difficult handling and requires good training to present interesting results.

In terms of precision, the chisel does not offer great performance, except to have experience and mastery bordering on mastery. This rudimentary tool allows relatively coarse engraving and with a low level of detail and nuance.

The soldering iron:

The soldering iron is a material that allows making pyrography: the engraving is done on wood by means of heat. This tool is characterized by a much higher level of finesse than that of the chisel.

The engraving pen:

An engraving laser-cut stencil is a manual tool powered by electricity. It can be fitted with cutters of different sizes in order to produce various impressions on wood. The material offers a particular level of comfort because it allows working the wood with a lot of flexibility.
The variety of strawberries available makes possible a detailed work with many nuances.

Woodcut: The use of laser:

In addition to allowing the cutting of metal, laser technology allows the processing of many other materials. One of the known laser applications is the laser cutting of wood. But this technology is not limited to this use.

The laser engraver:

This digital and fully automated device is used to engrave wood by means of the laser. Lightweight and relatively compact, it offers the possibility of making an irreproachable impression on wood, on the basis of the models transmitted to it.

The laser engraver thus makes it possible to carry out personalized and high-quality industrial engraving on the wooden support.
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