What is a dedicated server and type of server?

As the name implies, a windows dedicated server is a computer server that is used exclusively by a single client, and over which it has full control and responsibility. The uses of dedicated servers are very varied because they respond to the growing demands of both individuals and professionals.

In this article, we will define what a server is, we will analyze the different types of servers that exist and, finally, we will delve into the multiple uses of a dedicated server.

What is a server?

A server is a very powerful computer or partition that is responsible for storing files and distributing them on the Internet so that they are accessible to users.

Specifically, a server is made up of the basic elements of a computer (processor, RAM, hard drive ...). On this computer, an operating system is installed first (the most common are Linux or Windows Server, depending on the use). And then various services depending on the needs of each user.

Dedicated server types:

Nowadays, having a cheap dedicated server India is almost mandatory for any company. The uses are very varied. First of all, when a company wants to have an online presence, it has a domain name and hosting for its website.

It is necessary to hire VPS hosting India on a dedicated server or shared with other users. For a simple website with little traffic, shared web hosting may suffice.

However, for e-commerce whose activity generates a lot of traffic, it is essential to have a dedicated server that allows management according to the particular needs of the business. In addition, in order to take advantage of all the resources of a server, it is advisable to have professional advice for infrastructure and other technical aspects.

Servers have used other than web page hosting, which is actually just the tip of the iceberg. For example, a dedicated server can be used to host databases, which are essential to the activity of many companies.

Although it is possible to host the server in the company's own facilities if the information in the database is highly sensitive, it is generally more efficient to entrust its management to specialized professionals in a data center.

There are also servers with other very specific uses. For example, NAS (Network Attached Storage), they are ideal for storing files. As if it were a gigantic external hard drive, a NAS server allows you to store company files on the corporate network. These types of cheap dedicated server India is very useful when you have enough bandwidth to guarantee a good upload and download speed of the hosted files.