Deep engraving:

In the manufacture of tools and molds or also for vehicle identification numbers, deeper laser engraving up to the millimeter range must be used. To achieve the required depth, it is often necessary to carry out a treatment layer by layer.

Black engraving:

In laser personalized engraving of metals, the interaction between the molten base material and atmospheric oxygen generates oxides which are distinguished by their color. The usually quiet rough surface absorbs a lot of light and that is why the marking normally appears in black or, depending on the material, dark gray (aluminum) or dark brown (steel, brass, copper).

White engraving:

With white engraving, the surface is structured in such a way that the material is only slightly melted. This results in a smooth, highly reflective surface - in the case of materials such as galvanized steel, this appears as a white marking. Due to the shallow penetration depth, the coating remains intact and corrosion-resistant.

High contrast white engraving is particularly beneficial on dark metals such as hardened steel. When applying Data Matrix codes, a combination of black and white engraving is particularly suitable. The contrast is increased and the quality and readability of the code are improved.

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The different types available:

The laser engravers available are of various types:

- The laser of a CO2 wood branding iron is formed by a mixture of CO2 stirred by a source of electricity. Its beam is of good quality and it equips a majority of models.
- The fiber optic laser emits much higher power and is also more resistant and durable in use.
- The electrical branding iron is known for its strength. While not as durable as a fiber laser, it can mark a wide variety of materials.