ressure. Cerebral pain from spine stretching out over head and situating more than one eye particularly the right eye is profited with Silicea 200. The dizziness of Silicea similarly climbs from the rear of the neck; as though one would fall forward now and again in reverse; irritated by looking into, shutting eyes; lying on left side. Sweat distinctly on the head. 

Eyes, Ear and Nose 

Obscurity before eyes after cerebral pain, Sparks, and dark spots before sight is alleviated with Silica.Growing of outside of ear with release (of discharge) from the ear, Hardness of hearing and Swelling, Induration of parotids has been calmed with this cure.Silicea helps in Inflammation of nostrils, Itching in nose, Scabs, pimples, and ulcers in nose. 

Throat Silica settle Indurations left after festering; on account of tonsillitis with Swelling of the uvula, Swelling of the sense of taste.