Causes and Symptoms for SBL Sepia 200  Control and limited opportunity, sensation of being disastrous and dismissed, addresses for Sepia; the enthusiastic state, particularly their touchiness and wretchedness, are more awful previously and during their period, During pregnancy, after labor and during the menopause, there is continuous solid asking to pee. Sepia upsets the course, causing flushes and different anomalies, throbbings all around the body. The vertical bearing of the manifestations in Sepia is one of its featured discussions, the torments of the head shoot up, thus do the torments in butt, rectum, and vagina. Hand night-sweat continues from above descending and finger-joints is a seat of ulceration. 

Psyche and head: 

Incredible pity and sobbing, fear of being distant from everyone else, of men, of meeting companions, with uterine difficulties shows Sepia. They like to be separated from everyone else, are touchy to analysis, they are everlastingly reprimanding, discovering flaw, being censorious, and oppressing others. Flushes of warmth over face and head towards evening. Dizziness in morning, on rising, or in evening. Scalp and foundations of hair exceptionally delicate to contact marks Sepia as the cure of administration. 

Eyes, Nose and Ear 

Aggravation of eyes and covers, with hindered vision, dark spots, green corona, searing redness. Tingling and stinging in eyes and covers is diminished with assistance of Sepia. Sepia is additionally helpful where colds kindle the tonsils and will in general reason festering, Scabby and ulcerated nostrils. Dry coryza, particularly of left nostril is eased with assistance of Sepia.