Brain and Head 

Pulsatilla 200 is demonstrated in patients who have a tearful, crying nature, restless in nature. In youngsters who want conveying and encouragement, this cure gives great outcomes. For outrage at trifles, abrupt indignation, fits Pulsatilla functions admirably. The headche of pulsatilla is co unexpectedly seen with grumblings in the assimilation, stomach, urinary grievances, migraines related with the menses, cerebral pains improved by cool applications. 

Eye, Ear, Nose 

Eye sores about the eyes, sewing, and particularly tingling with serious hurting, with a sensation as though an unfamiliar body were in the eye and extraordinary lachrymation in the outdoors is diminished with this cure Inside, tingling, sewing and tearing sensations in the ear, release of discharge from the ear, in normal catarrhal otitis showed Pulsatilla gives great outcomes. Coryza; stoppage of right nostril for the most part in the evening focuses to this cure. 

Hack and chest 

There is a dry evening hack in Pulsatilla and a free morning hack. Tightened feeling in the chest in the evening. Stuffed up in the evening, making breathing troublesome demonstrates Pulsatilla. Palpitation from lying on the left side, dryness and crudeness in the chest. Meandering tearing agonies in the chest.