Technology today is an excellent communicational ally, allowing to practically cross the borders with the phenomenon known as globalization, so talking about love online through couple locks nowadays no longer seem taboo as it was considered just 10 years ago, but why What do you go to these channels to find love?

No time to meet new people:

According to a BBC report on relationships made possible thanks to virtual environments. They point out that due to how fast the world is advancing, it is much more difficult for the individual to expand his circle of friends, and therefore resorting to online love is considered the most practical, simple, and even economical option.

Did you know that Facebook was created with the intention of promoting virtual communities, where users could share both their interests and feelings, allowing them to get friendships and/or stable partners?

But are there relationships that have really worked finding love online?

Although it is difficult to find testimonials on the web of relationships that have worked under this modality, since what is usually discussed or shared are mainly the failed attempts, then those achieved.

However, there are cases of couples who have met through the internet and who have even created a locking for love or friendship bond, using in different ways the channels that are available today and that are more accessible such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, among others.

With this, it also gives the possibility that distance relationships can continue to be strengthened, adding communication alternatives, since they can not only be related through text messages or calls but through video calls or photos in real-time, without leaving aside for course the importance of physical contact.

If you have considered finding love online, we recommend that you follow these tips:

- Try from the first moment to establish video calls to corroborate if the person is the one who is presented in their profile, in turn, this will allow you to know their real responses or attitudes without having to think so much when writing or being behind the cell phone.
- Do not send money, bank details, address, or personal information that could put your security at risk.
- If you are physical with that person, use public places, so that in case of an irregular situation you can act quickly.
- If you are physically or verbally assaulted or harassed, do not hesitate to go to the competent authorities, if you agreed to have a romantic relationship, but decide to retract, you are not under the obligation to continue if you wish.

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