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It is expected that the Cross-Faction feature will first be tested on PTR Version 9.2.5

After a long time, World of Warcraft will allow Alliance and Horde to play as a cross-faction. This will enable both sides to play together as one team, drastically reducing wait times. However, some caveats and challenges to doing this... (More)

allan replied 5 hours ago
Why Choose Magento for Building an eCommerce Store

How to Add Payment Gateway in Website

Online shopping means that anything can be purchased online, and not just seen or appreciated. It also means that every merchant aiming to increase sales should consider online payment gateway integration. We explain How to Add Payment Gateway in Website... (More)



Waikiki Health Portal

Even if you don’t have an account you can see step by step guide for creating Waikiki Health Portal Account and Resetting the Waikiki Health Portal password as well.

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